Shotcreting Application

Shotcreting Application

Shotcrete and Gunite application refers to the pneumatic application of concrete onto a surface at high velocity. Shotcrete is the wet application, in which mixed concrete is sprayed at high velocity on a surface. Gunite refers to the process by which pre-blended dry materials are mixed with water as they are sprayed. Both processes produce virtually identical results and depending on the project can provide a number of invaluable benefits.

Shotcrete and Gunite are ideal for both new construction and renovation projects and allow for easy, cost-effective concrete application for even the most complex projects. Shotcrete and Gunite have unmatched bonding characteristics and produce concrete applications that are strong and durable with low permeability.

Why do Contractors Recommend Shotcrete and Gunite?

Dependent on project specifications, building professionals know these applications often have a range of benefits over traditional poured concrete applications.

Shotcrete and Gunite Benefits

  • Reduce concrete application costs
  • Allow easy vertical application
  • Take the complexity out of irregular surface applications
  • Require little to no form work, unlike poured concrete
  • Easy material handling difficulties, especially in limited access areas

How to apply

  • On the top of remaining water on wet concrete surface two third of Floor Hardening should be spread evenly until covering the whole concrete surface. Allow the spread to wet because it will absorb water.
  • By using wood currycomb or trowel, press this first layer until completely solid and take out the excess part hence the first layer is smoother. After 1-2 hours, spread the rest one third of Floor Hardening on the top of the first layer.
  • When the initial concrete layer is hard enough and able to carry the load, brush Floor Hardening by using trowel carefully. This brushing process should be applied many times for smoother and solid surface.

High quality Shotcrete / Gunite materials, which are generally the same as those used in conventional concrete projects. Based on project specifics, our experienced technicians will advise on additives that can reduce cracking, enhance strength and increase resistance to corrosive conditions. Certified in the best practices of application, our technicians use best-in-class equipment to ensure safety and efficiency in every application.

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