Construction Aids

Construction Aids (Mould Releasing Agents / Curing Compounds)


Description: Chemical Mould Release Agent for Concrete Formwork.


Description: Emulsified Chemical Mould Release Agent forConcrete Formwork.


Description: Chemical Mould Release Agent for Concrete Formwork.


Description: Liquid Membrane Forming Compound for Curing of Concrete. is a membrane forming, ready to use, white colour emulsion of specially blended synthetic waxes, complying with ASTM C 309-86, BS-8110 Part – I, Claus 6.6 3C, BS – 7542, AAS TO M -148 Type D.


Description: Acrylic concrete cure & protective membrane is a dual-purpose, water based acrylic clear coating designed for curing and sealing new concrete and sealing existing concrete. It complies with ASTM C 309 type II class b.


Description: CEMEK-N2030 is a normal setting cement integral waterproofing compound with normal plasticizing properties in liquid form. It is a blend of specialized active ingredients to make concrete waterproof when there is permeability through hydrostatic head pressure or capillary absorption. It conforms to IS: 2645-2003.


Description: Resin based aluminized concrete curing compound MEKCURE-RAL is a resin based, aluminized liquid membrane curing compound for concrete. Conforms to ASTM: C309– 07.


Description: Water Based Concrete Curing Compound. MEKCURE-SS is ready to use water based, solvent free, non-VOC liquid, membrane free concrete curing compound.