Cementitious & Epoxy Grouts

Cementitious & Epoxy Grouts, Grouting Compounds & Repair Compounds


Description: General Purpose Non – shrink, free flow Cementitious Grout, an expanding non–ferrous grout, consisting of a dry pre–mixed blend of special grade cement, siliceous aggregate with set regulating and reactive chemical compound in powder form. BS 1881: part 116,1983.


Description: Pre-mixed Free flow, High Strength Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout. CEMEK – V1 is chloride free cement based free flowing nonmetallic, non- shrink grout that develops very early high compressive strength. It is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static & dynamic


Description: Premixed Free-flow, High Strength Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout. It is chloride free cement based free flowing nonmetallic grout that develops very early high compressive strength. Conforms to BS: 1881 Part 116, BS: 4550, ASTM: C-827– 87.


Description: Injectable Set Regulated RHEO – Plastic Expansive Grout. CEMEK - E80 is a non-ferrous, non-gaseous, expanding type of grout consisting of dry premixed blend of ultrane special cement, set regulating and reactive chemicals. This grout can be conveniently injected under water Conforms to IBS-1881-1983 Part – 116, ASTM:C827-87.

CEMEK – EP21 / CEMEK - 21P / MEKRETE - 21

Description: Low viscosity Epoxy primer. CEMEK – EP21/MEKRETE-21/CEMEK -21P is a low viscosity, two pack epoxy primer. It is used specifically as a primer coat for all Epoxy products to block work, asphalt, renderings, stone, asbestos, cement, wood, concrete and mortar. It can be applied in dry or sunlight damp conditions. 100% chloride-free.


Description: Ready to use Non – Shrink high strength cementitious Micro – Concrete. is a high value specially formulated ready-to-use cementitious powder which only requires addition of normal water at job site to produce foreowing semi-fluid / plastic, non-shrink, high strength concrete. 100% chloride-free.


Description: Ready to use anti-washout, non-shrink, high strength cementitious micro concrete for under water repairs. BS 1881-1983, BS 4551-1998, BS 4550 part 3 – 1978 &ASTM-C827 01a (2005).


Description: CEMEK -IG/CS is a two-pack system, low viscosity epoxy injection grout for crack sealing in concrete and restore structural integrity. CEMEK -IG/CS meets requirement ASTM C881 / 881 M – 10.


Description: Low Creep, High Strength, High Flow Epoxy Resin Grout. CEMEK - PG is a three-pack system epoxy resin grout for sealing gaps between 15 – 75 mm thick. On mixing, the components yield a high flow; high strength grout which can transfer all static and dynamic loads to the equipment foundation very effectively.